6 Mother’s Day Gift ideas for the artist

If your Mother is an artist, let me give you a hint.  Like shoes (most women love them, right?), we get giddy about art supplies.  There are affordable gift ideas and of course, the extravagant art related gifts.

Just around the corner is the day we celebrate our wonderful Mothers and the love they give us everyday of the year. Some of my ideas for your artist Mom are:


monte marte paint brushes

Mont Marte Premium Paint Brush Set: — $29.95   

If you are looking for elegantly made paint brushes These  long-handled paint brushes set will be ideal.

This art paint brush set is a great introduction to professional quality. The paint brushes are handmade with care, using the finest material to ensure that no bristles are left behind to spoil your work.

These paint brushes are suitable for various kinds of painting – capable of acrylics, watercolors, gouaches, and oil paintings.

The set comes with a gorgeous zippered holder.  The handy case, is also perfect for carrying outside but still keeping art paint brushes organized and in tip-top condition.

Purchase here.


I always look at the unique papers and handmade papers when I visit the art store.  They can be used for mixed media, written on with calligraphy or painted with encaustic.  Limitless in their uses.

10 sheet of mulberry paper

10 Sheets of Mulberry Paper #3 Unbleached 18″x27″ — $24.00


I am always intrigued by beautiful papers and what I can do with them, these are no exception.

  • 18″x27″(47cm x 68cm) Color: tan(or light burlap)
  • Made from mulberry bark fiber for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting
  • Also useful for calligraphy, mounting, book binding, rubbing, stamping, kite, lantern, window or screen covering and collage
  • Semi-absorbent, suitable to most water-based art media
  • PH neutral and archival, 34gsm weight

Purchase here – $24.00



I call these my “adult crayons”.  Every child remembers looking at the big box of crayola crayons and wishing it to be theirs.  That is how an artist feels when they see a box of colors, waiting to be used.



Sennelier Black Box Half Soft Pastel Box 60 — $89.90

  • Made with 100% pure pigment
  • Exceptionally soft – lightfast and water-soluble
  • Set includes 60 half stick soft pastels
  • Featured in a chic black wooden box
  • Made in France

Sennelier is a French Brand of art supplies famous for its hand selected pigments…Gustave Sennelier opened his art supply store in 1887 near the famous Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris.  Their soft pastels are wonderful and any artist would cherish a box of their very own.

Purchase here $89.90



As I said about the pastels and artists loving the colorful sets.  Same goes for markers.

marker pens

L’emouchet Twin Marker Pens Dual Tip with Carrying Case.– $88.99

  • 168 different colors including all the primary colors that artists need for drawing, writing, sketching, illustrating, shading, designing, rendering, manga and more.
  • Broad and fine for precise highlighting and underlining. Allows you to write in both thin and thick lines, providing great versatility and flexibility allowing you to create various styles, sketches and patterns with ease.
  • Art markers are made of strong pigments allowing you to draw at least 325 meters.
  • Fast-drying, permanent and non-toxic, dries acid free, child safe.
  • Coming with carrying case makes it easier to choose pens and keep them organized.

Purchase here – $88.99


Now this is Plein Air painting with style.

plein aire

Soho Urban Artist Plein Aire Pochade Box and Aluminum Artist Tripod – French Easel with Storage and Shoulder Strap w/Aluminum Artist Tripod for Outdoor Painting

  • The new SoHo Plein Air Pochade Box makes painting outdoors a breeze as well as eliminating problems that are usually associated with lesser quality Pochade boxes or French easels.
  • This box allows you to carry multiple supplies, holding up to six painting panels within and it’s able to adjust to an infinite range of angles for painting in oils, watercolors, or pastels. 
  • The inside palette section pulls sideways to expose a 3″ deep x 10″ wide storage compartment with three divider sections.  Dimensions of box when closed: 12 1/4″ Long X 14 3/4″ Wide X 6 1/2″ High | Weighs: 6.17 pounds
  • This tripod is as light as a feather, yet strong as an ox and capable of defying even the strongest of winds.
  • This tripod has completely customizable adjustments with a 3-way tilting head & telescoping legs that can be shifted to various settings. 

Purchase here – $219.99


Lastly, for those without a limited budget…

van gogh letters

Vincent van Gogh: The Letters: The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition (Vol. 1-6)– $1499.99

Vincent van Gogh’s letters have long been prized as some of the most valuable documents in the world of art. Not only do they throw light on Van Gogh’s own complex and intriguing character, they enlighten the whole creative process.

This edition is an immense treasure trove of biographical and art-historical information. The culmination of fifteen years of new research and superseding all previous editions in its ambition and up-to-date scholarship, it provides a lasting pleasure as a personal testimony to a life consecrated to art. Has Over 4,300 illustrations

Purchase here – $1499.99


Let me know if you have a great idea for gifts for artists!

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