Finding Serenity – A Journey Through Quiet Creativity

As an abstract artist, and painter, I've always been known for my vibrant and energetic abstract paintings. My work has been a reflection of my creative spirit, bursting with colors and life, but as any artist can attest, there are times when we seek solace in the serenity of quieter subjects. In this blog post, [...]

Finding your Muse – Recharging your Creativity

   Finding your Muse Recharging Your Creativity Five essential steps to wake-up your creative mojo. To-do lists, work and social obligations, world distractions, you may wonder, where and how can you recharge your creative mojo. As a professional person and artist, it doesn’t come without serious intent to find and cultivate that wondrous place we [...]

Finding Harmony

A lot is going on on our planet right now and I crave, so deeply crave harmony.  The belief that our convictions are right and others are wrong has us so deeply divided.  Conquerors in all varieties are flaunting their prowess.  Whether it is within ourselves, our community, the larger landscape of humans or as [...]