Go Big or Go Home

“Hold on Tight” 72×72

(This would look fabulous on a statement wall!)

While I normally paint large paintings I felt the need to paint even larger. I set out to buy 72″ x 72″ canvases.

They arrived and the reality of my decision was staring right in front of me. Deciding what to paint took a bit of pondering, and to be honest, probably time to get up my nerve to begin. “What if I really screw this up?”, my reluctant thinking mind taking over. Engulfed with trepidation, I finally got the energy and courage to began. Surprisingly, painting this large takes a different ability in the way brush strokes are applied and even the muscular and physical movements are different. Now that I have accomplished my task and completed number two. I can honestly say I am hooked. I love the physicality of painting this large.

But…If I continue, where do I store them?

“On the Other side of Nowhere.”

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