Finding your Muse – Recharging your Creativity


 Finding your Muse

Recharging Your Creativity

Five essential steps to wake-up your creative mojo.

To-do lists, work and social obligations, world distractions, you may wonder, where and how can you recharge your creative mojo.

As a professional person and artist, it doesn’t come without serious intent to find and cultivate that wondrous place we call creativity. I have found a few things that put me back to center to allow the muse within to re-assert herself.


 Stillness and creating calm is the starting point to clear all that rubble that tosses around in our heads. Most importantly you must set aside time to devote to generating the head space to stimulate ideas. If you like meditation I would certainly encourage that. Regular meditation has well known health benefits as well. If you prefer walks in nature and can do so without headphones or another person, then that may be your starting point. Light candles and sit in a darken room listening to gentle music. I am lucky enough to live near the coast, so a favorite of mine is to go alone and sit and listen to the sea and cleanse in the salt air. Take the time for your calming, it is essential to begin anew or to pick up where you left off.


Step out of the box. By that I mean, change your routine. Go on a field trip to a place you have never been before or somewhere you haven’t visited in a while. Notice the colors or look for a specific color, such as yellow, and see things you haven’t narrowed your sight to before. Find everything with circles, or another shape. See how the light hits the object. How could you use this in your art, writing, or your creative field. If you journal, (which I highly encourage) then be sure to write about what you have seen. If you can silence the clutter (monkey brain) a little bit each day, your mind will be more receptive to new and exciting ideas.


If you are a painter or visual artist, plan time to visit a museum or art gallery. A writer may benefit from going to a poetry reading or a play. Musicians may want to go to a concert or jazz club. With limited in-person activities with pandemic concerns, go online and visit MOMA or many of the other museums and galleries available virtually. You get the point, immerse yourself in other creatives work and it just may inspire you. Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful for ideas and inspiration, as well.


Listen to Music. As a visual artist, I often depend on music to stimulate my muse. African drums, or Italian Opera to good ole’ Rock n roll. For me, the endorphin’s I receive from the sound, escalate those creative thoughts and ideas.


Most importantly, if all else just isn’t getting it. Start. Just start. Put paint on a brush and put in on the canvas, doodle, or write, just write a few words, then a few more, before you know it you will unleash the hidden muse.

… Rinse and Repeat


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