Finding Harmony

A lot is going on on our planet right now and I crave, so deeply crave harmony.  The belief that our convictions are right and others are wrong has us so deeply divided.  Conquerors in all varieties are flaunting their prowess.  Whether it is within ourselves, our community, the larger landscape of humans or as we are now seeing throughout the globe.

Usually the first thought is that of a choral group singing their particular part in perfect harmony, collectively creating their own independent sound through their collective notes. Blended into chord, pleasing to the ear, all working together simultaneously on their goal. How beautiful is that?

As a visual artist, rhythm, harmony, balance, contrast, movement, proportion, and variety are all principles of art that can be used solo or in concert with one another.

Harmony occurs in everyone’s life. At some point. Some days ideas flow smoothly. Other days you feel like you’re stuck in the mud. Boy, isn’t that the truth. Mostly the reason is based solely on attitude and the decisions we make.  By being aware of your own power to create or destroy harmony in your life should reveal the need for a higher level of consciousness. This starts with taking a hard look at our thoughts and actions each day, which is difficult for us sometimes.

Maybe focusing on accepting ourselves and whatever the situation may be. Arriving at a place of absolute acceptance frees you up to create balance with others because you are looking out at the world and seeing where you best fit. This is true in relationships, play, work, and just about any activity in life. Peace and Harmony will elude you if you spending your time seeking approval from rothers.  I could tie this into being an artist in the exposure we put ourselves in and looking for approval of art. But that’s for another podcast.

Anxiety worried about what will happen, destroys harmony. Too much effort and thought are wasted worrying about things. No amount of fear will change the outcome. Challenges are going to come and go. Creating harmony with these future events starts accepting yourself and where you are.

While considering our thoughts, the other side of the coin is the equal acceptance of others.  Comparing or not seeing the good in others will lead to conflict and disharmony.

Underneath beauty and harmony, their natural laws that govern everything. When we abide by these laws, we create beauty and harmony, and when we don’t, there will be disharmony, chaos and even destruction.

I have come up with some principles in creating harmony.

Be complete and whole. While being just a microscopic part of the universe. Each of us is complete and whole as well as we are who we are, where we are in our lives, in our health, work and relationships, every moment of the day. When we live in accordance with the principles of wholeness and completeness, we will live in harmony and this means to live with integrity and truth. Expressing ourselves authentically, making an honest living, and keeping our agreements both with ourselves and others.

To live from the inside out. Our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. Creating harmony in our mind and body, let’s experience harmony in our outer world as well. To be vigilantly aware and to let go of any negative thought patterns and behaviors that may block the harmonious flow of life, so love, success and abundance can flow in our life without any obstruction.

Balance the Yin and the Yang Our society is success driven and consumption oriented which creates a culture where yin and yang are out of balance. It takes a conscious effort to balance them. Balancing work and play activities and rest, excitement and contentment, ambition and acceptance. Materialism. Spirituality.

Live in time. Creating a harmonious relationship with time is a key ingredient to living a harmonious life. The key is to be fully present with whatever you’re doing.

Expect change. Change is the unbendable law of nature.  If we form a mindset to expect and accept Changes in our day and life we’re much more  likely to live in a state of harmony.

 Live in the flow. cyclical flows are abundant in nature. The sun rises and falls. The moon waxes and wanes, the seasons come and go. To live in harmony is to learn to live in the flow.

Grow and Expand.  If something is not growing, it’s decaying and dying. As humans we must continue to expand and evolve.


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