Road Trip to Palm Springs and onward

It was an eventful 16 days…filled with rainy weather and traffic.  My dear husband and Chevy (the studio assistant dachshund) took off from the Pacific Northwest two days before the Seattle Snowmageddon.  It was a  1200 mile trek to Palm Springs and San Diego, in the name of Art (of course) and family.

Winter is not the best time to travel I-5 through elevated passes that could require chains at any time, but we are not the faint of heart.  Downpours, freeway traffic with sig-alerts and accidents made it even more eventful.

We made it to Palm Springs and did see a bit of sunshine, if only briefly.  The Art Gallery opening was lovely.  Then on to San Diego, where yours truly had to “urgent care” it because of double ear infections.

2450 miles later, I’m back home and anxious to get into the studio and paint!





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